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Global Alliance for South Carolina is supporting South Carolina companies and academic organizations seeking research and business partners in Israel and Estonia.

GASC understands the challenges involved with identifying collaboration partners 7 time zones away. We are here to help. If you are interested in finding a potential research or business partner that shares your interests, please send the following information to

  • Your Organization’s Name
  • Type of Organization (private business, academic institution, etc.)
  • Organization Contact Information: Address, Phone, Email, and Website
  • Primary Contact Name, Phone, and Email
  • Brief Organization Description
  • Main Product or Service
  • Targeted Customers
  • Description of Desired Collaboration (collaborative university research, collaborative industry R&D project, other)
  • Country from which You are Seeking a Partner: Israel, Estonia, or both
  • Characteristics or Technology Expertise of Desired Partner
  • What Specific R&D Contribution are you seeking (e.g., solve a particular research problem, conduct test and evaluation of a prototype or model, provide system integration, etc.)?

Upon submission, a GASC representative will contact you to confirm receipt and request more information. Your profile will be added to the GASC website and we will facilitate a targeted partner search.